Remy & Rose Studio

Elinor Alpaca Blend Socks: Jane Austen Collection

$ 36.00

Part of our Jane Austen Collection this pair honors Elinor Dashwood, one of the sisters whose love story is highlighted in the beloved classic, Sense & Sensibility..

Naturally dyed with logwood & iron.

Material: Alpaca & wool.

These warm socks are suitable for daily wear, hiking or simply lounging at home for cozy night in and perhaps reading a Jane Austen novel (or watching an adaptation). These will hit below your calves and will keep your toes very warm. You will find yourself swept away to the English countryside. Alpaca is hypoallergenic, durable, naturally insulating, and super soft.

Please note that due to the nature of botanical dyes, small irregularities may occur. We believe this adds to the beauty of your socks. We try to capture the true color as much as possible but be aware that your actual purchase may be lighter or darker than what is shown on screen

Care: Hand wash with PH neutral detergent and allow to dry naturally.