Remy & Rose

Tapered Candles

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Enjoy the subtle aroma of sweet honey when you burn these candles. Hand-dipped in our studio, they are made with pure beeswax and 100% cotton wicks. Sold in pairs. Each pair is connected with a single wick making it easy to hang and store. These would be wonderful for a hostess/host's gift or to illuminate a special event.

Before lighting, trim wick to 1/4" or less to avoid dripping. Keep in a draft-free spot for best results. A natural process called "bloom" occurs in 100% pure beeswax candles. This refers to the whitish cast that takes over the outside of the candle (see photo 3). It does not affect the way a candle burns, and is simply a natural process of the softer oils of the beeswax rising to the outside surface. We like the antique look but for a glossy finish, simply wipe with a clean cloth to shine and remove bloom.

1/2" diameter, 16 inches long.