Born with a curiosity streak, Chatti grew up testing and trying many different disciplines to challenge and enrich her creative side. She is an avid knitter, occasional painter, amateur forager, a forest walker, a professional photographer, and art therapist by degree. The road to these various practices began by turning the pages of books found mostly in libraries and indie bookshops. Books introduced her to the vast world. She made her way around the country and across the globe driven by her need to explore and plant her feet on every corner of the world. 

Now that she's somewhat settled, she has her studio in Colorado where she makes bath and body products inspired by nature. Remy & Rose is her way to combine her love of science with old age herbalism, a nod to her parents who have always kept a vibrant garden.


Remy and Rose was founded in 2014 with a desire to bring a little bit of nature into your self-care practice. We believe in investing in our community, striving to buy local and sourcing ingredients with sustainability in mind. Other things we believe in:

You can read what goes into our products here.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts - Chatti, TJ, & Birdie

Photo by Nicole Dina Photography