There’s a connection waiting in the fields of yarrow, in the way the light kisses the tip of our noses, in the plants that tickle the bottom of our feet. Nature’s love is a deep wellspring and when we are in communion with her, she gives her medicine freely. Remy & Rose is my playground in which Nature’s beauty can become Earth medicine, healing us on the inside and out. I come alive in my garden-plucking calendula to infuse in organic oils, sowing foxglove to later cut for my bouquets, harvesting madder root to naturally color my soaps and silk scarves. Out here I can hear the heartbeat of the Earth-the soil pulsating life into my hands. This is the kind of magic I surrender to.

The online shop is filled with natural apothecary goods made in small batches. Hand-dipped tapered candles using pure beeswax. Nourishing cold process soaps intentionally made to nourish your skin. Herbal salves mindfully formulated using botanics organically grown directly in my garden. A little Earth’s magic for everyone. In addition, our flowers are grown using the no till method to help rejuvenate the soil and bring life back into the land. To learn more about the farm, please go here.


Remy and Rose was founded in 2014 with a desire to bring a little bit of nature into your self-care practice. What started as a soap shop became much more. Remy & Rose combines my love of science with old age herbalism, a nod to my parents who have always kept a vibrant garden. 

I believe in investing in our community, striving to buy local and sourcing ingredients with sustainability in mind. Other things I believe in:

  • celebrating life's small victories.
  • that everyone deserves clean air and clean water.
  • preserving our environment, national parks and open spaces.
  • donating to causes that are dedicated to environmental activism and conservation.

Founder, Chatti, with tulips and spirea



    Thank you from the bottom of my heart-Chatti

    *photo by Yan Palmer