Remy & Rose Studio

Golden Hour Salve

$ 42.00

This velvety face and body salve replenishes dry skin with organic oils of cold expeller-pressed golden jojoba and red raspberry seed, plus capuaca butter. Containing antioxidants, polyphenols, and fatty acids, this nourishing agent promotes hydration, revitalizes thinning skin, and restores softness and shine to damaged lips and hair. 

Organic Sea Buckthorn CO2, known as the "holy fruit of the Himalayas," brings a vibrant orange hue and is abundant with antioxidants, Omega 7, and beta carotene. It is blended with our garden grown herbs such as burdock root, possessing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial elements used for centuries to manage eczema, hormonal acne, and psoriasis while yarrow helps to quicken wound healing and soften skin. 

Gentle  to use as a face balm, and potent enough to soften the driest patches on your skin. This salve is concentrated so you only need a pea size.


As a hair mask, on beards, on lips, on bug bites, on scrapes, try it as a hand cream, on your checks as a highlighter, on your heels at night, to sooth sunburnt skin, and so much more!

Store in a cool dry area. 1 year shelf life after opening.

Made with organic ingredients: Cupuacu butter, golden jojoba oil, raspberry seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, extracts of burdock root, calendula, chamomile, wild rose, St. John's wort & yarrow, organic beeswax, essential oils of frankincense, lemon, ravensara, ylang ylang & blue yarrow.

 4 oz in a reusable jar. Please reuse or recycle.