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Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes

Chatti is planing a bar of soap in her home studio

I'm excited to announce that I'm part of the new class of the Hometown Heroes class facilitated by Madewell (a fave clothing brand of mine) and Nest. Nest is a wonderful organization that provides guidance to handmade artisan businesses. They also offers grants, mentorship and other learning opportunities.

As of now you can shop selected items of mine on the Madewell website and learn more about the current class of Hometown Heroes. I'm also proud to be one of the first makers from Colorado! For a small business like mine, this is a wonderful opportunity for me to showcase my products to a larger audience. Don't worry, I'll be making and shipping from my studio but now I have a greater chance of visibility! You can shop my items here.

Audrey of Audrey B. studio came over to take some images while the garden was still lush. It was fun to dress in Madewell clothing (we got to shop two complete outfits from head to toe!) and pretend to be a model for a second.